Since the middle of 2014, the outbreak of Ebola has spread to other countries, reaching its first case in the US.
The question that arises now is: can this outbreak become a major epidemic?
Understanding the Ebola outbreak
Do you know where it all began ?
Click and discovery.
The deadly virus was discovered in 1979 in Africa, near the Ebola River.

It is believed that its origins comes from the bats that inhabit this region.
In December 2013, a new outbreak took place. The virus has already spread to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal.
To answer this and other questions, we need to understand how Ebola is transmitted.
You need to have contact with contaminated secretions, which are:
How Ebola acts in the body?
It enters the body by direct contact with secretions, and the first affected organ is the liver that, when is compromised ends up causing hemorrhages that usually lead to a general failure of the body.
How deadly is this virus?
the death rate
is 50 to 90%
However, not everything is lost.
Nigeria recently was considered free of Ebola.
Specialists point out that the mortality rate is much lower in the US and other developed countries. This happens because the underprivileged countries lack the resources to fight the disease.
To fight this disease, countries that lack resources need help.

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